Wedding planning

Every wedding needs an “Aunty H” who can advise you of the formalities, come up with clever ideas for a better wedding, search out different themes or edge, and be separate and objective when the family is at loggerheads. She can guide you through the necessary steps of the wedding and give advice where it is needed.


How “Aunty H”  will help you:

If you are planning and arranging your own wedding “Aunty H” will keep a diary for you and keep you motivated whilst making cost saving suggestions to keep you in your budget. 

If the family is helping you to arrange your wedding she will act as mediator and keep the family from going to war whilst taking the brides wishes into every consideration

“Aunty H” will research different formats of wedding services, different vows, suggest a range of hymns, find interesting readings, find a priest/marriage practitioner willing to be different or she will advise according to the traditional service.

For the reception “Aunty H”  will work through your enjoyments and find a theme that suits you and help you to develop it into an event never to be forgotten.

“Aunty H”  takes great concern over the budget as she wants you to have a fantastic event that you will never forget or have nasty regrets about but still have enough left to start your new home. 

“Aunty H” is a qualified Food Service Manager with experience in catering, flower decorating, event management, being different, cake decorating, budget shopping, sewing and more. She has been involved with many weddings.

“Aunty H” will be honest and frank with you or encouraging as need be.

She will go shopping with you, be your sounding board, and make suggestions on places to try.

“Aunty H”  is available through sms, email and phone.

Her rates depend on how much you need her as her time is charged at R350 per hour. However a phone call never lasts an hour so she keeps a diary and all time is added at the end of the event for billing.