Things to consider when ordering a Wedding Cake

Choosing a cake:

When ordering your cake you need to consider the following questions:

  1. What is the event and is your design appropriate?
  2. What period or theme have you chosen?
  3. What colour have you chosen for the occasion?
  4. What flowers have you chosen and are they in season or does it not matter.?
  5. If you require pieces how many do you need?
  6. If you are having a layered cake do all the layers have to be real cake or will polystrene cakes do?
  7. Do you want ribbon on the cake?
  8. Who is going to set-up the cake?
  9. What type of cake do you want(click)?
  10. What type of icing do you want?
    1. Traditional Royal Icing (hard white icing) with Marzipan
    2. Traditional Royal Icing without marzipan
    3. Traditional Butter Icing
    4. Cream Cheese Icing
  11. The shape of the cake.
    1. round
    2. square
    3. heart
    4. octaganol
    5. horseshoe
  12. Number of layers and how to place them
    1. single layer in a shape
    2. 2 layers staggered
    3. 3 layers above each other
    4. 3 layers staggered
  13. Cake decoration
    1. Do you want a traditional cake with piping and motifs?
    2. Do you want the parties theme to be represented by the cake?
    3. Do you want chocolate work?
    4. Do you want bought or handmade ornaments on the cake (i.e bride and groom, baby)
  14. Go search google for images
  15. Didn't find a cake you liked on google, don't fret I have 20 books that you can browse through. They have old fashioned cakes to something new and very trendy.
  16. Email me with your request

    Cake Shapes


    How Many layers