The period and Theme

The theme you choose can be carried through the event in the form of music, decorations, food, drink, cake and entertainment. Many have chosen a period or span of years as a theme.


For my wedding my husband and I chose the time of Mark Twain as our theme.

Our church was of the period, small and built of stone with large trees surrounding it. Inside the church it was dim so we lit a lot of candles. Instead of flowers on the pews I used ostrich feathers with candles tied in a large bow.

Our wedding attire was of the time. With my husband dressed in a white long tail coat and his Bestman looking like he stepped out of Oliver Twist. I and my bridesmaid had garlands on our heads with ribbons flowing down. The bouquet was a bunch of country roses.

We had planned a white tent in the church grounds with the tent poles decorated in garlands. A DJ playing old loved music amongst which where a selection of classic pieces, some country and a few Irish songs.

The dinner was to be a buffet of cold meats and other finger foods. As my husband and I love wine we had gone out and bought a specific wine we loved in both red and white. The church did not want hard liquor on the grounds so we served wine and cool drinks.

The cake was a simple white iced fruit cake with dried miniature roses decorating it.

Other themes my family and friends have chosen have been  


  1. Country life. Where the couple where driven to the reception in a horse and carriage, after the service having taken place in a 100 year old stone church.

  2. Sunflowers: The reception was boldly decorated with huge bunches of sunflowers. The groom was dressed in a sunflower yellow shirt with a black tie and sash. The cake consisted of 50 pieces of couples cakes decorated with miniature sugar craft sunflowers.

  3. Roses: There where roses everywhere and in everything. Roses in the bride’s hair and her bouquet. Roses on the tables and rose coloured bridesmaid dresses.

  4. Coffee: Brown, gold and rust. Ribbons, bridesmaid’s dresses, overlays and flower boxes. The favour was little sachets of coffee in tiny cups.

  5. Africa: This couple came from the UK to settle in South Africa. They wanted to include as many of the things they had seen in their wedding. African shields on the walls, leopard cloth tablecloths, and the groom had a Zulu headdress. The salt and peppers and flowers on the tables where in the form of African pots.

  6. Night at the Opera: What a lovely theme taken from phantom of the opera. Using the score for the bride’s entry. Masks on the wall, a lovely old house with a lot of stonework for the reception. A really black and white theme.



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