Pew Phaphlets

On the cover page it is ideal to have a picture of the bride and groom or of the church in which the service is taking place. Though some couples choose a picture of roses or other flowers. Ready printed pew pamphlets are available with various pictures.


As most guest keep these as memento of the wedding it is nice to include the place name of where the service took place, the date and time  of the marriage and the bride and groom’s name. It is customary to write “The marriage of


Ready made pamphlets will have an inserted sheet on which there will not be specific details but a listing of the order of service. When making up your own you can enter as much or as little about the service as you like.


The items commonly listed are:

    ? Wedding March (title, composer and played by)

     ? Hymn/song (words)

    ? The marriage (anything which the guests need to utter or that may deviate from the norm)

    ? Prayers (optional)

    ? Reading (optional)

    ? Blessing (optional)



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