Music for the ceremony

You will need to take a close look at the age groups of your guests. It is no good choosing 1 type of music and upsetting the rest of your guests.


You will need to choose a wedding march as well as some music for the church before the bride arrives. If you are having a choir or organist you can leave this up to their taste. However I have found some of the music to be inappropriate. For my wedding I drew up a list of my favourite love songs and had this played until my march. The music was relaxing and soothing whilst being meaningful.

There is a broad range of wedding marches apart from the traditional “here comes the bride”. A lot of the pieces chosen as wedding marches have been composed by famous musicians for stately weddings. Some newer or rearranged pieces also serve the wedding march well. Dramatic movie themes are also a good choice.


A selection of wedding marches:

Te Deum", Marc-AntoineCharpentier

    • You’re my best friend
    • TRUMPET TUNE AND AIR – Purcell
    • Lohengrin (Here comes the bride)
    • Chariots of fire
    • Theme from Odyssy 2010.
    • Bag pipes
    • Theme from star wars.


During the service you will need 1 or 2 hymns. These should be simple to sing and preferably well known. I have found that a lot of brides read the words which they like and see that the song is sung to the tune of... Commonly “morning has broken”…. But have no idea how the 2 blend together. And when it comes to the actual singing in the church, unless there is a strong voice to lead them it all falls apart.


I also find that a lot of hymns are meaningless to today’s life.  For my wedding I chose “what a wonderful world” as most people know both tune and words and may even sing it in the shower. If there is a hymn you would really like to have for a reason, either get a soloist or choir to sing it. Choirs can be hired from most churches at a reasonable rate. If you cannot afford the soloist or choir rather print the words in the pew pamphlet for your guests to read whilst waiting for the service to start.

Remember that your guests need something to occupy them whilst you are signing the register. So once again have the soloist or the choir sing or the organist play. Or have a poem or expert from a book read.

For my wedding my father read the chapter on love from “the prophet” by Kahlil Gibran.  At a recent wedding the bride had the Venetian waltz played to fit in with her theme of “Venice”.

After the signing a Triumphant for the exiting of the bride and groom. Some suggestions here are


    • AVE MARIA – Schubert
    • TE DEUM – Charpenter
    • WEDDING CANTATA No. 22 – Bach
    • DOMINE DEUS – Handel
    • LARGO
    • Voluntary No. 1", William Boyce
    • Mendelson’s “Wedding march”
    • Purcell’s “Triumph voluntary”
    • "Easter Hymn" (Tune: from Lyra Davidica, 1708 -- more info)


TOCCATA IN D from Fifth Symphony – Widor



Before the couple enters the reception have soft soothing music setting the scene. The music should blend in with your theme but not be rowdy until after the speeches. Choose an entrance piece which maybe the same as that used for the couple leaving the church.

During the speeches no music should be played. Even soft music during the speeches can be distracting.

The first dance can either be part of the theme or the couple’s signature song. A lot of couples choose a song that reminds them of the day they met or something that symbolises their relationship. I have been to a wedding where the couple did not want to dance but instead serenaded each other.


Now it is time to let loose with rowdy music according to the theme or couples choice and to party.


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