What colour to choose for the occasion?

Consider both the brides and grooms favourite colours  and then start illuminating. It is best to stick to 2 or 3 coulours as this will give you something to play with in the theme.

weddings are traditionally white. There are variations of white.

Add your favourite colour to the chosen white or add the white to your colour.

The colours chosen for my wedding where burgundy, hunter green and summer sky blue. These where added to the clothes, reception and church décor.


The groom wore a burgundy shirt with a white suit, whilst his bestman had a hunter green shirt with a black suit,. The bride wore a summer sky blue cloak over a white satin dress. The bridesmaid came in a hunter green dress. Ribbons of blue, green and burgundy where added to the headdress of the bride and bridesmaid.

The church was decorated with feathers in burgundy and white with blue bows instead of flowers.

The reception had tablecloths in burgundy with blue candles. The green was brought out in the table flowers.

Traditionally blood red is considered a bad colour for marriage as it represents blood. In the Chinese  tradition black replaces white but in the European tradition black represents a funeral.

Colours in the past sent a message to the guests



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